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Founded on a passion for literature and a commitment to innovation, Books Go Publications is a dynamic small publishing house that champions the voices of emerging authors. With a diverse catalog that spans various genres, we specialize in bringing fresh, unique perspectives to the world of books.

At Books Go Publications, our mission is to illuminate the literary landscape by nurturing and promoting new talent. We believe that every story matters, and our goal is to ensure that those stories reach a wide audience. Our focus is not just on established genres but on a broad spectrum that includes self-help, hobbies and crafts, children's literature, and much more.

We are dedicated to creating a platform where new voices can be heard, and diverse narratives can flourish. Our team works tirelessly to provide our authors with the support they need to succeed, from editorial guidance to marketing and distribution. 

Discover Our Authors!

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Berthold Wegener

Berthold Wegener is a renowned German author, known for his impactful work in the self-help and communication genres. Berthold's approach combines practical wisdom with a deep understanding of emotional intelligence. With his insightful and transformative writings, Berthold has earned a distinguished place in the publishing world, helping countless readers to enhance their lives.

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Sylvestre Moulins

Sylvestre Moulins is an esteemed French author, renowned for his contributions to the self-help and communication fields. His work, marked by a unique blend of depth and practicality, has resonated with a wide audience. Sylvestre's approach to personal development and effective communication has set him apart, making him a respected voice among both readers and peers in these genres.

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Mateo Nevarez

Mateo Nevarez stands out as a distinguished Spanish author, deeply involved in the realms of self-help and communication. His writing, characterized by a rich blend of cultural insights and practical advice, captivates readers globally. Mateo's unique perspective on personal growth and interpersonal communication has established him as a significant and influential figure in these fields.

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Magda Pabst

Magda Pabst is a devoted educator from Germany, specialized in childhood development for preschool and school-aged children. She dedicates her career to helping parents and teachers enhance emotional intelligence and impulse control in children through innovative and playful methods. Magda's work, deeply rooted in her extensive experience in pedagogy, aims to empower caregivers with effective tools for nurturing young minds, guiding them to engage with the world confidently and empathetically.